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This is a website for Tamil Devotional, especially for Vallalar...

Thiru  Ramalinga Swamigal was born on 5thOctober,1823 at Marudhur.  His parents were Ramaiah Pillai and Chinnammaiyar. Hisfather was worked as a VAO.  At his age of 5th month, his father died early of hisbirth.  So, his family shifted to Ponneri,Chinnakavam village, native place of his mother Chinnammaiyar.  For economical condition of his family, they shifted to Chennai, at his age of two. 

Ramalingar's elder brother sabapathypillai , is only the earning member of the family.  He is tried to educate Ramalingar in traditional education system.  Ramalingar didnot like to spend his time with other children of his age. 

He was totally different from other children, in view of thinking and some other attitude.  His thinking was totally towards God.  He could compose wonderful devotional songs of Murugar, at Kandhakottam, Chennai at his very early age.  

After his First Speech about "Saivam" (his family belongs to Saiva samayam) at "Somu Chettiar's house, his elder brother realized the greatness of Ramalingar and allowed him to live in his own style. However, Ramalingar had to get married.  But he did not lead an active marital life.

His spiritual life began at the age of twelve.  In the initial stages, he used to visit many temples and shrine, Kandhaswamy Thirukovil at sowcarpet,   Thyagarajar and Vadivudaiamman Thirukovil at Thiruvotriyur  for 23 years.

later on, his orientation shifted towards higher realms and his focus was the supreme power beyond all forms. 

In 1858,for loneliness, Ramalingar moved towards karunguzhi, a hamler near his birth place. He performed miracles including burning light with water, an everflowing spring by digging with his hand which is still there.  In 1865, he formed the "Sanmarga Sangh" to advocate his principles of One God, Comapassion upon beings, Jeevakarunya and non-eating of animals, birds etc. feeding of hungry people.  In 1867, Vallalar established Dharmasala at Vadalur wherein the hunger of poor people was satisfied.

As time went, Vallalar chose Mettukuppam, started residing there.  The house where he stayed was named by him rightfully as "Siddhi Valagam" which means "Place of Attainment". In 30th.January, 1874,He locked himself inside the room, and expressed his desire that no one should not open it.  Only if the Government authorities persist to open it, let them be convinced about his desire and the room is opened, it found vacant.  He created "Sathya Gnana Sabha"  to indicate his inner experience of his spritual life.

Vallalar was a critic, writer and publisher and also had a knowledge in occultism, astrology and medicine especially in the nutritional and medical values of herbs.

He had a Truth-knowledge, about transformation of Body and deathlessness life.  He was a musician too and composed many poems and his lyrics expressed and inspired the sublime divinity, particularly that of Truth-Consciousness, that is Satya Gnana.  Of his six volumes of "Thiruarutpa", the unparalled  spiritual inspiration in the form of poems.